Welcome to Shepherd of the Valley Pre-School


Our pre-school is operated as a non-denominational service to its members and to the community. 

The pre-school exists for children to provide a variety of supervised experiences which:

      1. Promote their physical, emotional, social and aesthetic development.
       2. Build the child's confidence in meeting and getting along with both children and adults outside the home.
       3. Increase the child's comprehension and curiosity of the world around him or her.
       4. Stimulate problem solving at his or her level.
       5. Prepare the child for Kindergarten

Open House - Wednesday February 27th, 5:30-7:00pm. 

Registration for the 2019 -2020 school year is open! Call 815-397-5880 with questions

Students are accepted on a first come, first served basis with preference being given to our church members.
The pre-school follows District 205 in regard to age enrollment. The child must be either 3 or 4 years old by September 1st of the current school year.  The following sessions will be offered in September:

        Session 1:    Tuesday & Thursday             8:30am to 12 noon    Three year olds    Cost: $85.00 per month
        Session 2    Monday, Wednesday, Friday     8:30am to 12 noon    Four year olds    
  Cost $125.00 per month
        *An afternoon class may be offered for the 4's if the am class is full

Plus there is a one time registration charge of $80 (non-refundable)

courtyard church.JPG (2991804 bytes)

Picture of our play area, which is located in the courtyard of the church.

If you need further information about our pre-school you may contact our director:

Patti Wiese - (815) 397-5880 or e-mail at: preschool@shep61.org